Leading people to worship

Pride is a cornerstone of the music education system that trains most musicians. The robe the soldiers gambled for was valuable because it was woven in one piece. It is the solemn sovereignty of His Throne Room, the holiness of the Holy of Holies, the deep waters of the River of life, the tenderness of His Office-Place, the renewing of the mind, and the glory revealed.

Great Rewards Good worship leadership doesn't just happen. Your primary service to the church is to lead them to the presence of God. To pastor means to meet people where they are, be with them there and to move them somewhere new.


Often, however, the worship leader must depend on the Lord for direction. If there are inconsistencies they must be ours, inconsistencies in the way we lead worship. It is a product of the worship leader's devotional life, his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and his musicianship.

The pastor had no thought of the time. We need to closely examine the leadership of the praise and worship time within the service. After a few minutes the worship leader's old instincts told him it was time to stop before this thing got out of hand.

I have a hard time calling these my Top 10, since at various times other tips not mentioned here could be extremely important, but these were the ones that I tend to rely on frequently.

Top 10 Worship Leading Tips

A poorly prepared leader makes people terribly uncomfortable and invites them to worry about the worship leader rather than focus on worship. We all may have experienced such astounding times of visitation. Two biblical illustrations of excellent preparation come to mind: How does that happen?

The church cannot go deeper into the presence of the Lord than the pastor will go. Through the Holy Spirit we can be guided to the right ideas and find the songs to carry them.

On the other hand, unskillful handling of music can spoil the sacrifice of praise of the whole church, the Holy-Royal Priesthood.


Anyone who is so prideful of the "song leader" position that he will not share leadership with other anointed leaders is probably not called of God.

Praise thanksgiving and exaltation should precede worship adoration and communion. They are clay in the hands of the Holy Spirit to be molded by Him to reveal Jesus to us. But as we sing these vital words again and again our spirits soar. On and on we can go through all the models. This praise-worship sequence is the reasonable order of worship referred to in Romans A worship leader performs his or her ministry together with the congregation, the pastor, the choir, the orchestra, and the worship singers in humility and obedience.

The True Role of a Worship Leader

God simply will not be enthroned upon prideful music. A true heart of worship connects the generations. I will outline my process. God is always the same. Without this enablement the worship time will be mired in imitation and fleshly effort. You will have a train wreck and you will be okay.

Practice saying phrases like "lips, teeth, tip of the tongue" to become aware of what you're doing and to make your mouth more flexible.Leading worship with young people will be some of craziest God encounters you’ll ever experience.

Enjoy it, love it, have the time of your life, the way praising God should be! Pappas. Jun 03,  · Worship should be all about praising God, and as a worship leader, your main purpose is to encourage the entire congregation to praise God through song and prayer.

Instead of modeling personal worship on 95%(). One thing more, a music worship leader must be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit, the powerhead of God who is the true worship leader. Without His directions, our worship will just be a performance. Yesterday I described eight worship leader stereotypes who aren’t quite sure what to say when they’re standing in front of a group of people.

The True Role of a Worship Leader

Today I wanted to give four reasons why we should say anything. When we’re leading corporate worship, our first responsibility is to magnify the. God has given us the ministry of leading His people into worship but we can not do it in our own strength or by our own abilities; it is only as we hand back that ministry to Him that He can fully use us as channels for His purposes and to the glory of His Name.

Consider the style of the worship service.

Fire and Form of Worship

The formality of worship varies greatly from church to church. An effective worship leader will be aware of the culture.

Leading people to worship
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